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BGA - Rework in Coimbatore

BGA - Rework

As one of the popular and advanced laptop service centers in Coimbatore, Government Laptop Service Center offers technologically advanced services for laptops like the BGA rework. We have 15 years of experience in laptop motherboards repairing and we are the first company in Coimbatore who had started BGA CHIP level repairs of motherboards. This service is offered by very few service providers in India, and Government Laptop Service has the required skill and expertise to provide the best BGA reworking solutions to the clients.

BGA rework- required environment:

The BGA packages are sensitive, to static energy like other semi conductors .It requires a proper Anti static environment to handle.The packages has to be handled in a proper way right from receipt, storage, testing, assembling and transportation.

About the process of work, we follow a systematic procedure to diagnose every defective spare with the process, as follows,

✩  Visual test
✩  Diagnostics
✩  Removal process
✩  Rework process
✩  Replacement process etc

Replacement of All BGA Chipsets